Maruwn Corporation

Logistics Solutions

International Logistics

We offer optimal international logistics that leverage the proprietary know-how and networks we have built up over the years.

As a trusted expert in international logistics, Maruwn Corporation has proprietary know-how built up over many years and a network of overseas group companies and major agencies. We at Maruun offer optimal international logistics services that suit various needs of our customers.


General Cargo Warehouse

Our nationwide network provides logistics outsourcing services, from storage to distribution processing and delivery.

Maruwn operates a nationwide network of logistics centers with distribution processing and delivery capabilities as well as a storage function. Our storage facilities include hazardous substance warehouses, bonded warehouses, natural-temperature warehouses, chilled warehouses and other facilities enabling us to meet a wide range of storage needs. Our centers are equipped with overhead cranes and other equipment that matches the characteristics of customers’ cargo, further enhancing our ability to provide total support for clients logistics needs.

Hazardous Materials Storage

Maruwn has abundant experience in the storage and transportation of hazardous materials.

The storage and handling of hazardous materials is strictly regulated by laws and regulations in Japan. Maruwn staffs with special know-how and experience are qualified to take full responsibility and provide highly reliable storage and transportation services for hazardous materials

Bonded Storage

Maruwn offers bonded storage as part of its total logistics support for overseas cargo.

We are permitted to serve bonded storage sites for storing overseas cargo shipments at the Tokyo and Yokohama customs. Our extensive experience handling cargo from overseas, combined with bonded storage facilities in the major logistics centers of the Tokyo metropolitan area, enable us to provide total logistics support to our clients.

General Cargo Delivery

Truck Transportation

We have established a safe, low-cost truck transportation network covering all of Japan.

We are able to provide clients with a safer, more reliable, and quicker service at lower prices. Our extensive vehicle lineup and team of experienced drivers provide trustworthy deliveries to recipients in locations throughout Japan.

Railway Transportation

Leveraging more than 120 years of tradition and experience, we provide environment friendly railway container transport.

Using the know-how acquired over a centuryof railway transport, we have expanded our services to ensure the safe and secure door-to-door delivery of cargo shipped by rail, thereby contributing to a lower total cost for our clients.

Domestic Air Transportation

Our air transportation service ensures delivery of small- and large-lot cargo to recipients throughout Japan on the same day or by 9:00 a.m. of the following day.

We deliver "right now" logistics with our joint delivery service based on our domestic network. Maruwn has over 40 years of experience and know-how in domestic airmail. With our motto of putting customers first, we support logistics throughout Japan with safe and speedy transportation.

Energy Transportation

Oil / High Pressure Gas Transportation

Broad range of business in fuel oil business field

In addition to delivering petroleum products with tank trucks, we operate 22 shipping bases (oil reservoirs, gas terminals) nationwide, and are engaged in business deeply rooted in petroleum product logistics.
Since we handle many types of petroleum products, from gasoline to kerosene, light oil, heavy oil and high pressure gas (LPG), we transport each fuel with specialized vehicles tailored to the product characteristics.

Lubricant & Chemical Products Logistics

Leveraging advanced technologies and know-how, we provide efficient transportation of lubricant and chemical products.

To meet client’s various transportation needs, Maruwn combines its diverse logistics options to realize efficient transport while at the same time maintaining high standards of safety and quality.

Chilled & Frozen Logistics

We store, process and transport under proper temperature control.

With five temperature zones (ambient temperature, fixed temperature, cold storage, chilling temperature and refrigeration) we can handle even delicate goods with precise quality control.

Distribution Processing

As a 3PL provider, we construct logistics that match the distribution processing style of our customers.

We Maruwn offer our customers unique added values, from production and assembly of printed matter / novelties, to distribution processing of food requiring temperature control.

Heavy Cargo Transport & Installation

We use our extensive experience and reliable technologies to help clients in factory relocations and the loading and unloading of machinery.

We respond to the needs of our clients for transporting extremely heavy and long items and for the transport and install or dismantle of all kinds of industrial machinery and equipment. Our staff with specialized know-how’s and experience save time and cost of client’s by comprehensive services starting with site inspections, legal requirements and continuing to drawing up designs and plans and then supervising the constructed other works.

Industrial Waste Collection and Transportation

We offer proper disposal of various industrial wastes based on extensive experience.

Maruwn operates a "waste distribution" business that supports processing of industrial wastes such as PCBs. We offer appropriate disposal with emphasis on compliance tailored to customer needs.

Relocation / Removals (B2B)

Our dedicated staffs provide detailed assistance for relocation of business offices.

Maruwn has a long track record over many years and we will handle any requests with the utmost care. Our dedicated staffs will propose the optimum plan from planning to implementation according to your needs.