Maruwn Corporation

Management Strategy and Business Plan

Maruwn Group Long-term Management Vision (FY2020 - FY2029)

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    Both the organization and individuals will evolve and 'power up' more than 20% over the next ten years
    By sharing the Maruwn Group Management Philosophy and Long-term Management Vision with all Group employees, we will converge our management vectors in the same direction and continue to grow more than 2% every year over the next ten years, so that both the organization and individuals 'power up' more than 20%.
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    Positioning the Mid-term Business Plan in the Maruwn Group Business Plan System
    The Mid-term Business Plan is positioned as the execution plan of the Long-term Management Vision formulated based on the spirit of the Maruwn Group Management Philosophy, and we aim to improve corporate value through steady practice.
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    Development of "Maruwn Innovation"
    Toward realization of the Long-term Management Vision we aim to further improve competitiveness by developing Maruwn Innovation based on the Maruwn Group’s business and reforms of awareness.

    Structure of Maruwn Innovation

    • Business Innovation:Development of growth strategy business that connects to ten years ahead
    • Mind Innovation:Paradigm shift of Maruwn Spirit
    • Cost Innovation:Cost reduction is a daily ongoing challenge
    • IT Innovation:Promotion of across-the-board business process reform throughout the Maruwn Group
    • Work Style Innovation:Deployment of the "10 to 8 & 8 to 10" movement

Maruwn Group Mid-term Business Plan (FY2020 - FY2022)

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    Basic policy
    • Formulation of a "target vision" for 10 years later (2030) and confirmation of issues facing the Maruwn Group.
    • Incorporation of initiatives to be taken in the three-year period beginning in FY2020 into a specific action plan aimed at overcoming these issues.
    • Positioning of the Third Mid-term Business Plan period (FY2020 – 2022) as one of preparation for a leap.
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    Management goals (not yet determined)
    * The influence of COVID-19 would make it difficult to perform a rational calculation of quantified planning values. We therefore will announce only an action plan.