Maruwn Corporation

Financial Information

IR Calendar

〈First quarter〉May:Presentation of financial results, Financial results briefing June:Payment of year-end dividends, Ordinary general shareholders meeting, Submitting securities report 〈Second quarter〉August:First quarter financial results announcement
〈Third quarter〉November:Second quarter financial results announcement, Interim results briefing December:Shareholder communication issuance, Interim dividend payment 〈Fourth quarter〉February:Third quarter financial results announcement


FY2015:47,924 FY2016:47,117 FY2017:49,842 FY2018:51,409 FY2019:50,680 FY2020:47,270

Operating income

〈FY2015〉Operating income:970 Sales versus operating income:2.0% 〈FY2016〉Operating income:880 Sales versus operating income:1.9% 〈FY2017〉Operating income:1,184 Sales versus operating income:2.4% 〈FY2018〉Operating income:1,276 Sales versus operating income:2.5% 〈FY2019〉Operating income:1,059 Sales versus operating income:2.1%〈FY2020〉Operating income:661 Sales versus operating income:1.4%

Ordinary income

〈FY2015〉Ordinary income:1,054 Sales versus ordinary income:2.2% 〈FY2016〉Ordinary income:978 Sales versus ordinary income:2.1% 〈FY2017〉Ordinary income:1,312 Sales versus ordinary income:2.6% 〈FY2018〉Ordinary income:1,432 Sales versus ordinary income:2.8% 〈FY2019〉Ordinary income:1,217 Sales versus ordinary income:2.4% 〈FY2020〉Ordinary income:743 Sales versus ordinary income:1.6%

Net income attributable to parent company

〈FY2015〉Net income attributable to parent company:987 Sales versus net income:2.1% 〈FY2016〉Net income attributable to parent company:572 Sales versus net income:1.2% 〈FY2017〉Net income attributable to parent company:835 Sales versus net income:1.7% 〈FY2018〉Net income attributable to parent company:1,285 Sales versus net income:2.5% 〈FY2019〉Net income attributable to parent company:905 Sales versus net income:1.8% 〈FY2020〉Net income attributable to parent company:475 Sales versus net income:1.0%

Equity ratio

FY2015:54.5% FY2016:55.6% FY2017:57.4% FY2018:58.8% FY2019:55.6% FY2020:57.4%

Net assets per share

FY2015:695.88 yen FY2016:713.15 yen FY2017:746.07 yen FY2018:774.07 yen FY2019:786.66 yen FY2020:815.64 yen