Maruwn Corporation

Message from the President

Exercising our Ability to Cope with Environmental Changes and Transformation into a Sustainable Corporate Group

~ Contribution to social advancement by provision of logistics solutions to customers with the highest levels of quality and creativity ~

Maruwn Corporation Representative Director, President, and CEO Yutaka Kuwahara

Meizen Kinpara, the founder of Maruwn Corporation, advocated the idea that one can only obtain profits by helping others to profit, which he encapsulated in the words "benefiting others, benefit oneself." We established the Maruwn Group Management Philosophy, which expands upon and carries on this founding spirit, and is paraphrased in Our Mission as follows: "We support your logistic solutions with the highest quality and creativity and contribute to social development, corporate prosperity and personal happiness." For the more than 120 years since our founding way back in 1892, we have vigorously developed logistics business to support the industrial foundation.

The environment surrounding us has become exceedingly harsh, owing to various factors. These include the decrease in the total amount of domestic cargo, qualitative changes related to logistics services as exemplified by needs for more frequent deliveries and handling of smaller lots, the drop in domestic demand for petroleum products and other forms of energy, and the chronic shortage of drivers due to falling birthrates and population aging. In addition, the socio-economic outlook for the future is becoming even more uncertain because of the spread of infection with COVID-19. Under these circumstances, we are determined to strengthen our abilities to cope with all sorts of changes in society, the economy, customer needs, and other aspects, while firmly seizing opportunities for growth and building the basis for further growth.

As a comprehensive logistics company, we have a far-flung logistics network that covers all parts of Japan and also extends overseas. We are developing logistics business in high-quality transport of cargo and energy, based on collaboration among all members of the Maruwn Group. Going forward as well, we shall strive for contribution to the advancement of society as a sustainable corporate group, through our provision of logistics services that are safe, secure, sure, and swift. In these endeavors, we hope that you will continue to favor us with your kind understanding and cooperation.

June 25, 2020
Yutaka Kuwahara
Representative Director, President, and CEO