Maruwn Corporation

The Future of Maruwn

The business environment surrounding logistics companies has undergone significant changes, including a decrease in the total amount of domestic cargo, a qualitative change in logistics services, and a structural driver of shortages due to the declining birthrate and aging population.
However, since its founding, Maruwn has been offering the highest quality logistics services to its customers by responding precisely to changes in the domestic and overseas business environments.
Going forward, Maruwn aims to be a logistics company that is chosen by customers by offering logistics solutions of the highest quality to customers through creativity.

We aim to become a logistics company that provides integrated logistics services

Maruwn can solve the various logistics needs of customers with integrated services.
Maruwn can offer the optimum logistics services according to customer logistics needs.
Maruwn can contribute to improving the competitiveness of customer supply chains by suggesting efficiency improvements to customer logistics.

We aim to become a logistics company that provides seamless logistics services

As globalization of economic activities progresses, the logistics needs of our customers have expanded from domestic to overseas.
With such changes to the business environment, logistics companies are required to provide seamless logistics services both in Japan and overseas.
Based on its comprehensive domestic and overseas networks that it has built up over many years since its establishment and its abundant experience, Maruwn can provide logistics services from Japan to overseas and from overseas to Japan (domestic and overseas integrated logistics) to our customers with no interruptions. In this way we can contribute to improving the competitiveness of our customers' supply chains.