Maruwn Corporation

Reasons why Maruwn is Chosen

  • Maruwn offers logistics solutions from the customer's point of view.
  • Maruwn offers logistics services with the highest quality levels to customers.
  • Maruwn offers logistics services with high levels of customer satisfaction.

Reasons why Maruwn is Chosen

Two-way management of cargo business and liquid business

Maruwn boasts a history of more than 120 years since its founding, mainly in the cargo business and liquid businesses. We provide high quality logistics solutions to our customers based on our experience and knowledge.

  • Experienced freight transport business
    In the freight transport business, we have extensive experience and track record in handling a wide variety of cargoes, and have earned the trust of our customers for many years.
  • Specialist in Liquid Transport
    Maruwn, the ""Liquid transportation specialist"" has established a total logistics system from storage to transportation with safety as the top priority.
  • Strategic Logistics Partner
    We offer continuous logistics efficiency as a strategic partner of our customers through 3PL (Third Party Logistics) - the outsourcing of logistics operations.

Comprehensive logistics network both in Japan and overseas

We provide speedy and dynamic logistics through deep cooperation with logistics networks not only in Japan but spread across the globe.

  • We operate distribution centers throughout Japan from Hokkaido in the north and Kyushu in the south.
    We utilize our logistics network built over many years of history to provide logistics services with the highest levels of quality to deliver goods to the necessary place at the necessary time.
  • Same level of logistics quality overseas
    We are also active overseas, including China. We provide the same thorough service that we offer in Japan even overseas. In addition, we offer high quality domestic and overseas integrated logistics services through a comprehensive network with distributors from around the world.

Serving diverse logistics needs

We provide logistics services that are ideal for a wide variety of cargoes ranging from food and daily necessities to heavy items such as machine tools and materials and hazardous goods.

  • Engaged in diverse business areas
    With our history of over 120 years, we hold business licenses for business areas such as freight car transportation, warehousing, customs clearance, and industrial waste collection, transportation and disposal, meaning that we can serve various logistics needs.
  • Staff with abundant expertise
    Since its founding, Maruwn has always focused on the development of human resources. Our staffs have abundant expertise and innovate customer logistics needs creatively with high levels of quality.
  • Comprehensive storage facilities
    Maruwn possesses multi-temperature zone warehouses, hazardous goods warehouses, bonded warehouses, etc., and can handle the logistics needs of many types of cargo.

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